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Philip Anandaraj – The Master Of All Trades

Philip Anandaraj is transforming one industry at a time. Graduated in multiple disciplines such as in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Environmental Projects, and Aviation Business Management he has mastered the various trades through incorporating academic qualification and years of work experience.

He has been serving his expertise while handling various crucial positions such as –

  • CEO
  • General Management Entrepreneur,
  • Project Management Director
  • Human Resources Management Director
  • Corporate Marketing Director
  • Personnel Administration Director
  • Institutional Marketing Entrepreneur
  • Financial Management Director
  • Tertiary Education and Educational Systems Entrepreneur
  • Education and Professional Training Director
  • Project Development and execution

Project Activity Areas

The human brain has a great role to play in labeling our species as assets. Our brain is what makes us superior to all the other living beings. In order to yield the best outcome, one must know how to employ the brain to its truest potential. Philip Anandraj has been constantly dedicated to device ways that can help the masses to enrich their capability and bring the best versions of themselves to work. NURONTEK is dedicated to the two very vital forms of intelligence – our very own human brain and the AI brain that we humans have created. The service sector is growing at an incredible pace, it is demanding complete dedication and new innovations. NURONTEK is here to prepare you for great achievements and innovations by introducing you to the finest exposure where you will be receiving a multitude of skills through working on projects in various activity areas such as –

Concept – Concept deals with the ideas and representations our mind stores. It can be in the form of visuals or detailed documents, anything that helps our brain to grasp the formulation and basis of that particular subject. One can conceptualize abstract art as well as science and psychology. Concepts help us in dealing with and understanding things. They help in deriving the method to go about for dealing with ideas, things, and subjects of study.

Feasibility – In layman terms,NURONTEK provides technological solutions regarding materials, finance, human resource. The term feasibility in management comes from planning and analyzing the field of work and services. What resources will be used, what cost will be incurred, how will resources be employed all such decisions should go through the feasibility test. The feasibility test would then determine the efficacy of the plan of action and due changes will be accumulated based on the outcome of that test. NURONTEK oversees various fields such as Education, Aviation Solutions, MacroTourism, Transport Technology, Environmental Solutions, Hospitality Management.

Management – Management is a very broad term. It includes dealing with and controlling things as well as various resources. The elaborated process of management includes planning, decision making, organizing, leading, motivation, and creating a work environment suitable for all. Management helps in deriving a system of authority. Philip Anadraj has handled managerial positions in various fields with the valuable experience he treasured over the years. He offers great insight into practical learnings. NURONTEK has been built on this detailed information set up to help those who associate with the organization.

Construct – Philip Anandraj has been interacting with different cultures, people, ideologies, working processes and has derived techniques and methods that yield profitable results.

Constructing deals with combining and arranging the various elements of your learning and experiences into forming a workable plan of action. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence have been revolutionalizing the possibilities of achievements. NURONTEK is working towards preparing the human resources through the help of hands-on field experience.

Contacts – Networking has become one of the most essential skills in today’s world. Globalization has brought the business and people operating it closer, bringing new opportunities to grab and redefine achievements. NURONTEK offers you incredible exposure, interaction with various field experts, and valuable learnings from shared experiences. Contact building gives assurance that your efforts and work will be recognized. You will have easier accessibility to platforms with reach and to present your work.


Philip Anandraj has employed his dedication and mind to grab various skill sets in different fields of work, and now he has been offering that invaluable learning through NURONTEK. He has been able to master various trades because of his sheer dedication and unstoppable efforts used in every field he has put his foot in. Join hands with NURONTEK and we will help you create the best version of yourself.

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