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Founder of Nurontek, Philip Anandaraj has put himself through different fields of work and relished all of them. He has received graduate qualifications in the areas of Hospitality, Tourism, Environmental Projects, and Aviation Business Management.

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Philip Anandaraj has adorned his life with invaluable work experience.

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Philip Anandaraj - The Man Behind NURONTEK

Born in India, Philip Anandaraj has been accoladed with graduate degrees in multiple disciplines. Namely, Hospitality, Tourism, Environmental Projects, and Aviation Business Management. He has been to various places for his educational exposure, such as Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland with a financial management specialization stint in Boston USA. He founded NURONTEK with the idea to bring the best output from the collaboration of the human brain and technological advances. With the advent of the digital scenario, there is rarely any time when the human brain does not have to identify, adapt and work together with mechanized machine solutions that have been created to optimize results from every aspect.

Keeping up with the technical updates has become essential to venture into a successful startup. Artificial intelligence has changed the multitude of possibilities. Sufficient knowledge of data science is all you need to revolutionize the corporate world. 

About The Project

The project has been constructed to enrich the skills and utility of human intelligence along with artificial intelligence. Philip Anandraj has conceived this project based on his working experience of more than 40 years. It has been strategized to turn up the efficiency to the next level. The multidimensional approach is dynamic enough to adapt to the needs of hotel management, Aviation, Agro-Irrigation Enhancement, and other different fields and to overcome the challenges each of them brings. Following are the benefits of joining NURONTEK:

Fusing Of Project Activity Areas

— Concept

Concept deals with the ideas and representations our mind stores. Conceptualizing can be understood from the perspective of the game building the blocks. With the help of visuals, detailed documents, and other such information concepts are formulated. They improve our ability to understand, analyze derive methods to deal with things.

— Feasibility

It involves providing technical solutions regarding materials, finance, and human resource. Management of these resources and the logistics of operations are studied to locate the feasibility of a project. It determines the efficacy of the plan of action and suggests due change. NURONTEK oversees various fields such as Education, Aviation Solutions, MacroTourism, Transport Technology, Environmental Solutions, Hospitality Management.

— Management

Management is about dealing with and controlling things as well as human resources. It includes planning, decision making, organizing, leading, motivation, and creating a work environment suitable for all. Management is used to establish a system of authority. Philip Anadraj has handled managerial positions at various organizations and has been promoting small-scale startups as an investor.

— Construct

Construction of ideas and into executable plans is a very crucial step. One needs to have an understanding of the cultural, political, economic, and operational environment associated with a particular project. It deals with combining and arranging the various elements of personal learnings and experiences to outlay a workable plan of action.

— Contacts

Philip Anadraj has worked in more than 90 countries. These years have given me invaluable practical learning and connections. He has global recognition today. Globalization encourages economies to open up to newer opportunities as well as intense competition. Building a strong contact base and indulging in networking cannot be compromised. NURONTEK offers you incredible exposure, interaction with various field experts, and valuable learnings from shared experiences.

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